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Healthcare Technology Solutions to Streamline Care Delivery with Enhanced Workflows and Reduced Workarounds

The Right Patient, The Right Care, The Right Time

Ensure patient safety, reduce errors and instill confidence with accurate, positive patient identification at every step – from admissions to discharge and every surgery, procedure or test in-between.

Access Everything You Need On-The-Go

Talk, text and share images instantly and securely. Connect instantly with colleagues, information and applications you need. Collect and retrieve information, access Electronic Health Records from the palm of your hand. Alleviate alarm fatigue by targeting alerts for a quieter healing environment.

Real-time data, actionable insights

Turn real-time data into actionable insights with greater visibility into operations and supply chain management. Know what you use to predict what you'll need. Quickly locate staff and critical equipment that goes missing in busy places.

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    Non-Acute Care

    Zebra's Non Acute Healthcare Solutions help improve patient safety and clinical workflows in Ambulatory Surgery Centers to deliver a better patient experience.

Admissions and Positive Patient Identification

Zebra's patient identification solutions help to minimize errors by allowing access to essential patient information throughout the entire care journey.

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Bedside Point of Care

Zebra's mobile devices and printers enable healthcare workers to print labels at the bedside to accurately match the specimen with the patient.

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Laboratory Management

Zebra's printers, specimen labels and barcode scanners optimize laboratory management by improving specimen identification and tracking from collection to testing.

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Medication Administration

Barcode Medication Administration can be time consuming. Zebra's solutions enable nurses to ensure the right patient receives the right medication at the right time.

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Pharmacy Management

Improve pharmacy management and dispensing accuracy with Zebra's pharmacy label printers, barcode scanners and software.

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Covid-19 Pandemic Response

Our durable, always-on hardware portfolio supports care delivery in temporary facilities and help automate workflows for greater testing performance, whilst protecting staff and patients.

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Ongoing Clinical Collaboration

Zebra's Clinical Collaboration Solutions enables you to connect instantly with colleagues, information and applications you need, from the patient's side.

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Patient Tracking

Zebra's Patient Tracking Solutions provide real-time patient flow data for better decision making throughout their care journey.

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Staff Tracking

Improve Staff efficiency, safety and satisfaction by eliminating workflow bottlenecks with real-time staff tracking technology.

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Hospital Asset Tracking and Inventory Management

Zebra's hospital tracking and inventory management system places sensors and tags on critical medical assets to provide real-time visibility into every item.

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