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For ultra-tough, industrial applications like PCB manufacturing and component ID, tracking is an important part in the process. And materials that stand up to solvents, wave soldering and hot-air leveling, are a natural choice for the job. Nearly indestructible, these thermal transfer printable circuit board labels offer superior resistance to both processing fluids and heat.

B33 Series Tissue Cassette Polyester Labels

- Material:Polyester - Color:White

Harsh Environment Multi-Purpose Polyester Labels for 3" Core Printers

- Printer Compatibility:BBP81, i5100, i7100, IP Series, PR Plus, THT 3" Core Printers - Label Properties:Aggressive Adhesive, Harsh Environment, Heat Resistant, Permanent Adhesive

Board Inspection Arrows

- Material:Vinyl Cloth - Dimensions:0.19 in H x 0.125 in W

Die Cut Inspection Arrows

- Material:Vinyl Cloth - Material Number:B-500

Laser Markable Black Polyimide Auto-Apply Labels

- Material:Laser-engravable Polyimide - Color:Black

Transparent Amber Masking Film Auto-Apply Labels

- Material:Polyimide - Color:Clear

White Polyimide Print and Auto-Apply Labels

- Material:Polyimide - Color:White

Laser Markable Matte White Polyimide Auto-Apply Labels

- Material:Laser-engravable Polyimide - Color:White

Electronic Inspection Arrows

- Material:Vinyl Cloth - Dimensions:0.25 in H x 0.3 in W

3" Core Matte White Polyester Labels

- Material:Polyester - Color:White

3" Core Matte Amber Polyimide Circuit Board Labels

- Material:Polyimide - Color:Amber

B33 Series Glossy Electrostatic Dissipative Polyester Circuit Board Labels

- Material:Static Dissipative Polyester - Color:White

Masking Tape Label Cards

- Material:Crepe Paper - Color:Beige

Vinyl Dot Markers

- Material:Vinyl - Material Number:B-7569

Laser Markable Matte Black Electrostatic Dissipative Polyimide Labels

- Material:Laser-engravable Polyimide - Color:Black