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Solutions Powered by Software

Zebra’s powerhouse of software solutions is designed to work together with you, your data, devices, processes, and workforce so you can streamline your entire operations. Explore Zebra’s software offerings and unlock potential.

Amplify Potential with Intelligent Software

Exceed expectations with the AI-driven software portfolio engineered to create synergies across your enterprise. Connect everything and everyone in your organization with digitized processes that automate and elevate workflows for agile operations that can respond to change and lift your business to the next level.

Deliver Superior User Experience

Simplify the most complex workflows for everyone in your organization, from development to IT, operations and on-site employees. Provide an excellent and intuitive user experience with software that’s built to give more operational visibility and the unique, on-demand capabilities to adapt and react.

Trust One Vendor

Prepare for what's next with a single vendor and avoid a variety of contacts and contracts. Our end-to-end portfolio means you can house everything you need to advance your operation with Zebra. Leverage everything we know about technology, users and use cases to transform and transcend.

Connect Plans, Products and People

Select the software suite built to meet your needs. Zebra’s extensive offerings ensure you can execute your strategic goals with confidence. Whether it’s leveraging data for more informed planning decisions, increasing visibility or exceeding KPIs—we’ve got you covered.

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    Device Software

    Equip your front line with intelligent hardware to enhance everything in your operation. Gain visibility into device performance to easily manage your fleet and monitor its efficiency. Build secure and scalable digital services with ease. When you optimize workflows, you maximize your business potential.

Mobile Computer Software

Drive down costs while driving up employee, security, and network performance with software designed to enhance Zebra's wireless infrastructure and mobile solutions.

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Printer Software

Explore Zebra’s printer software to integrate, manage and monitor printers easily, maximizing IT resources and minimizing down time.

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Scanner Software

Make the most of every stage of your scanning journey from deployment to optimization. Zebra's barcode scanner software lets you keep devices current and adapt them to your business needs for a stronger ROI across the full lifecycle.

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RFID Software

RFID development, demonstration and production software and utilities help you build and manage your RFID deployments more efficiently.

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Machine Vision and Fixed Industrial Scanning Software

Aurora Focus™ runs on Zebra’s fixed industrial scanners and VS20/VS40/VS70 smart cameras and comes ready-made for specific tasks like barcode reading and verification, OCR, and presence/absence vision inspection.

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Developer Software

RFID development, demonstration and production software and utilities help you build and manage your RFID deployments more efficiently.

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Zebra DNA

Zebra DNA is the industry’s broadest suite of enterprise software that delivers an ideal experience for all during the entire lifetime of every Zebra device.

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